Recent work:

'Parametric Ply' for STAC Architects Nandos Teeside interiors: Sculptural furniture for STAC Architect Matthew Evans. Click here to view.

Design work for Origin Furniture in the development of the colourful and contemporary workspace seating. Using fully parametric modelling for stacking refinement, fabricating tube frame-work, ergonomics and aesthetics. Injection and die cast mould tooling.

See Rhino for MAC and Grasshopper Parametric Automation Vimeo here: Technology fitting many designer and user led product development.

Current work:

Cladding automation for the building industry. Fine furniture, Ormolus, Classic Natural geometry with ornamentation and Filigree. Including work for complex canvas structures, landmark structures (sculptures) and furniture for high street retail and the high end drinks markets.
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