[] Building envelope design.
[] Algorithmic skin and structure design for production and construction.
[] Facade and pattern design, from 2D to 3D.
[] Tessellation, interlocking scripting and multi object BIM.
[] Production drawings and toleranced construction drawings.
[] BIM, BOM, BOQ, 4D and BREEAM modelling.

here to view how automation for Zaha Hadid's Glasgow Museum of Transport, through Rhino script and AutoCAD, let construction scheduling work alongside traditional skills and men on the tools!

here to see the Derby Innovation Centre, a level 2 BIM project developed by eDNA in Rhino and Grasshopper.

In utilising software that lends itself to sculptural, organic and repeat surfacing items. Sub contractor construction companies can create multifaceted envelope panels and cladding geometries, in adaptable models for expedient export into production and for BIM. Attaching qualitative data to each item, in families and libraries, associated with the finished designs. Outputting formats for CNC Revit & Tekla via IFC or native formats.
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